Corporate Building, Commercial Center and Apartment Building, Monterrey N.L.

Instalación y mantenimiento de sistema de detección de incendio.

Services Implemented:

    Project: Electronic Security Systems

  • Fire Detection System Installation.
  • Fire Detection System Maintenance, CCTV and Access Control.
  • Fire Detection System Installation for a total of 1221 Smoke detection devices , temperature and CO2.
  • Preventive Maintenance to Fire Detection System.
  • Preventive Maintenance to CCTV System.
  • Preventive Maintenance to Control Access System.
  • Corrective Maintenance Services Policy to fire detection systems, CCTV and Access Control for a total of:
    • 1221 Fire Detection sensors distributed in 32 levels.
    • 44 CCTV surveillance cameras.
    • 7 Access doors.
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