Solutions by Sectors

Financial Entities

The financial entities establishes an important business line for Bracox , Security Systems, so that we have designed new solutions for your real needs and specific security proposals which conform to the legislative framework

We offer specific solutions for every sort of customer:

  • Office network.
  • Automatic Tellers.
  • Singular Buildings.

Management Model


  • Specialized Technicians and operators in Banking.
  • Experience and technological knowledge.
  • Continued Training.


  • Extreme to extreme support.
  • Account managers in different levels of locution.
  • Account Service Assistants.


  • Center of Operations and Services (COS) customer service 24 hrs., technical assistances , immediate capacity of intervention and integration with the maintenance technicians and facilities.
  • Management of the SLA´s


Bracox, Security Systems, makes available for our customers, the specialized equipments for the sectors with the most demanding technique and service, such as:

  • Government and Army
  • Electric Power Generation
  • Oil and Gas
  • Chemical Industry
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Telecommunications
  • Transportation and Logistic
  • Water Treatment Infrastructure for Public Consumption
  • Malls
  • Universities
  • Critical Facilities

Retail security


Tres pasos para mantener el control de coste de la seguridad en Retail
Bracox, Security Systems, helps the Retail segment to protect his stock, employees, customers and reputability with the maximum efficiency at a lower cost.
Three steps to keep the cost control of the Retail Security

  • The Integration of all the systems in only one efficient cost solution.
  • A platform to save time and money, and to allow the management by remote maintenance.
  • Optimize the cost efficiency , monitoring the effectiveness of the system.

Gas Station


BRACOX, Security Systems, offers a specific security plan for the gas stations, fulfilling all the security requirements of maintenance and surveillance. We maximize the security through a perfect integration of solution and services:

  • We minimize the risks with an expert advice,
  • Complete services of connection and maintenance,
  • Systems Integration for a maximum efficiency,
  • Specific security for the requirements of your installation.

Security for pymes


The broad path of Bracox, Security Systems, has allowed us to identify and consolidate the key factors which intervene in the design of solutions for the Small and Medium Enterprise.

The solutions have the principal goal of combining the best technology with the product accuracy and the quality of our connection and maintenance services.

All our customers have a total tranquility and trust in their security.

Bracox Sistemas de Seguridad