Coorporate Building Midtown Jalisco “Santander Bank”

Suministro e instalación de sistemas de procesadores.

Services Implemented:

    Projects: Electronic Security Systems

  • Intrusion and Alarm System (Bosch).
  • Access Control System (Setelsa).
  • Fireproof Doors.
  • Development of Alarm Engineerings Access Control, Executive Project , Concept catalogs, Load Chart Calculation, line diagrams and the sytem architecture of the 7 levels of the builging.
  • Intrusion System Implementation in 7 levels with connection to the Alarm Central.
  • Access Control Implementation of Control Access in 7 levels interconnected to the Fire Detection System to release the doors in case of emergency.
  • Fireproof Doors Mounting in Sites and IDF¨s of 7 levels.
  • Subsystems Programming and setting on point.
  • Particular and general Proofs of the system operations, and the protocol and development filling.
  • Work Supervision and Customer Training for the operation of all the systems.
  • Delivery of the Project Acquis, including the As-Built plans, descriptive memory and all the project documents.
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